1. First, press "Log in" in the homepage.  

2. Fill in your email address and password into the blank respectively.  

3. Once you filled in completely, press "Sign In".  

4. You may press "Edit" to make the changes of your personal information.  

    In "View Addresses", you can add/change the billing address and shipping address.  

5. When you pressed "Edit", you can update the contact information and change password. 

    Press "Submit" once you completed input of relevant information.  

6. If you pressed "View Addresses", you may see the address that you're using for shipping and billing in our website.  

    Press "Add a New Address" if you want to add a new shipping and billing address. 

7. Fill in your relevant information (Please double check because wrong address might caused failure of shipment. )

    You may set the address as default address by clicking the tick box at bottom.  

    Press "Add Address" once you completed input of relevant information.  

8. In this page, you can see the address that you have added.  

    You may press "Return to Account Details" to view your personal and order details.  

9. You can view your past order history in this page.  

Congratulation, now you know how to login

 into account and edit personal details.    

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