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[Hot] 1kg Wood Dust (Rough) 7053

RM 4.50

- By-product of woodworking (Sawing, Milling, Planing, Routing, Drilling & Sanding)
- Can be used for material to absorb liquid (water, glue, oil, mercury and others), just spill on it.
- Suitable for cat litter or hamster bathing sand.
- For gardening, wood dust can be used for compost purpose, but have to do hot compost process.
- If you were a carpenter, you can use it for wood filler purpose(mix it with wood glue) or wood glue cleaning up purpose.

Weight - 1kg

Kindly Advice
- Prevent wood dust to the fire, because it may grew it and caused fire disaster.
- Prevent it from children, it is inedible.

-Due to the light and background layout difference, product's color might have slightly different compare to picture above.

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