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[Readystock] Trended Wood Dulang Hantaran 3013

RM 8.00

- Genuine wood product by local manufacturer.  
- Product assembly doesn't required.  
- Easy to carry
- Non waterproof
- Durable goods
- Goods will be wrapped before post (we will send wrapped goods photo if requested).  
- Suitable for tiny stuff storage tray or shop display purpose.
- Could apply on Malay wedding 'hantaran' purpose due to the standard size same with normal 'dulang'.

- Length: 29.5cm
- Width:  29.5cm
- Height: 9.5cm
- Weight: 700g

Kindly Advice
- Prevent pine wood product from soaking in the water, it could affect product quality.  

-Due to the light and background layout difference, product's color might have slightly different compare to picture above.  
-Product size measurement approximate to 5mm, minor difference below 1 cm might occur.  
- Our wood product has already been sanded until smooth, so you can just use it directly without any additional sanding work

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