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Bridal Holder with Floral Foam (Fresh Flower) 7043

RM 5.55

Length - 19cm
Width - 8cm
Height - 8cm

-Bridal bouquet holder base with wet floral foam
-Suitable for fresh flower
-Soak it in the water half an hour before you want to use it
-Easy to use, just arrange flower on it because it have already round shape so don't worry about failure
-You may tied some satin ribbon at the holder, better let it longer than the holder for aesthetic feeling
-Best wishes to your long and happy marriage

Kindly advise
-Please be careful if you want to reuse this holder because the holes on foam won't recover, your flower won't be stable and easy to loosen
-You can change the foam on the holder by take out the dark green cover and change a new foam with it, but just be careful don't force to pull it out because it might caused the cover broke

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